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Hypnotherapy services

About Subconscious Conditioning

From the years of infancy to around age seven, you are collecting data through your life experiences which are creating beliefs and emotions that are stored within your subconscious. This creates a program on which you will operate for the rest of your life. Most of us do not have conscious memories of when we were one or two years old, yet we do not necessarily need those conscious memories to know what programs we developed from them. The way to know, is simply to look at our own lives. We are living out our inner programming every single day. Most of this programming, unfortunately, is full of disempowerment and limiting beliefs.

Your subconscious acts faster than any conscious behavior, even thinking.

This essential part of who you are operates at a level deeper than you could ever imagine. All data, from every single experience you have ever had, is stored there. The subconscious is your operating system for life.


Hypnotherapy Service

Using the data the subconscious has so diligently collected throughout your life, it aims to keep you safe. Which is why when it senses danger, your heart rate rises, your breath rate increases, the fight or flight mechanism becomes activated. In these moments your subconscious is triggering you to get away and find safety. Later in life, however, this mechanism can cause us problems. Because the same mechanism that tells us to run away from a saber tooth tiger is the exact same mechanism that tells us we are in danger during a conflict with a parent, or a sibling, or a friend. During this conflict, our subconscious senses the same element of danger, and thus floods our bodies with adrenaline and cortisol, our digestion slows down and our heart rate increases. And while this mechanism may be helpful in running away from imminent danger, it can be quite detrimental to our bodies if we respond like this to everyday experiences.


How you see the world and relate to it on a daily basis, your sense of self worth, your ability to connect with others, succeed and overcome hardship – all this and more rests within your subconscious.

Areas Of Focus:

*Pain management, addiction, as well as medical and mental health conditions require a referral from your medical or mental health provider