Testimonials for The Conscious Awakening

See Why Our Clients Love Us!

Juliana H


“All I have to say is I feel free from trauma. She has done for me what years of therapists couldn’t. It’s worth it. Just go to her.”

Sarah O


Niva is absolutely wonderful. My hypnotherapy session with her was one of the more profound experiences of my life… I can’t wait to do more work with her. Niva definitely has a gift.”

Tiffany P.


“I’m eternally grateful to have found Niva. Her patience, kindness, and ability to really guide me through the healing process have helped me through the most difficult time in my life.”

“Let Her Work Her Magic..”

"I went to Niva for my extreme fear of bridges and heights. I worked with her for 6 sessions and felt that she helped me in understanding where my fears came from and tools to help me handle the fear and panic. This was so important as my husband and I travel extensively and I am not able to appreciate the views as I’m stuck in the back seat with my head covered. After my sessions, we went to Spain and were in the Pyrenees mountains when my husband got sick and could not drive. I had to drive through these mountains on switchback roads and was able to conquer my fear due to my sessions with Niva. It was so exhilarating and I thank Niva for changing my life. Give yourself over to her and let her work her magic♥️♥️"
Lisa Cushing